Sheet folding

Cold-folding is applicable to a number of different types of sheet metal.

Metal sheet folding is essentially the production process involving folding of metal workpieces (sheets, panels) with folding machinery for obtaining the desired shapes. This is one of the sheet metal processing methods used in production of structural articles and elements. 


Quality guarantee


Production is subject to quality control under LST EN 1090-2 with the aim to ensure high quality of folded articles. We build on this approach to accommodate our clients' needs and offer products of high quality. 




Folded sheet workpiece thickness: max 6 mm

Folded sheet workpiece length: max 4000 mm

Fold radius: subject to thickness value of the folded sheet workpiece

Benefits of metal sheet folding by machinery: 

  • ess costly process;
  • high efficiency;
  • fairly wide range of thickness values of the folded sheets.