Section Bending

Rolling (cold bending) services for ferrous metal sections of various types according to the client's drawings. Rolling is performed by three-roll vertical rollers. Two rolls are controlled separately, enabling shorter process design. Roller attachment modifications are specifically chosen according to the type of sections. The process largely depends on the type of metal, section thickness, and steel grade.

Quality guarantee


Section bending process is subject to digital-manual control. We always use templates and other measurements in section bending processes to ensure quality and accuracy of the products.


  • Angle section: 160x160x17 – min D=600mm
  • Strip section: 150mm x 30mm – min D=580mm
  • Square bar: 85x85 min D=580mm
  • Round bar: D100 min D=580mm
  • Pipe: D159x6 min D=580mm
  • Largest beams I for rolling on x-x axis: HEB 100; HEA 120; IPE 160;
    Rolling on y-y axis: HEB 160; HEA 200; IPE 330;
  • Largest U-shape for rolling on x-x axis: UPN 160;
    Rolling on y-y axis: UPN 350;

Benefits of section bending:

  • wider application possibilities of the metal sections;
  • less costly process;
  • precise bending dimensions: angle, radius.