Adverse environmental effects (humidity, high and low temperatures) lead to faster wear of the metal surface. Service life of metal structures is considerably longer, which means that their surface must be restored regularly. Industrial painting is an effective and cost-efficient solution that provides aesthetic and quality protection of buildings against corrosion.

Quality guarantee


Industrial painting is performed in compliance with strict international requirements:

  • Norsok M-501 Requirements for surface preparation and protective coating. The standard defines requirements for protective coating materials, surface preparation, production control relating to surface preparation and protective coating.
  • LST EN ISO 12944 Paints and varnishes. Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. The standard defines application areas for various types of structures, surfaces. This standard is used as a benchmark for selection of an appropriate metal preparation method according to the ambient conditions, type of protective paint system, painting method to ensure long-term durability of the protective paint system.

Preparation of metal structures for painting


Surface of metal structures must be prepared thoroughly prior to coating with industrial paint in order to ensure the specified roughness of surface (by pellet or sand blasting); the surface must be dry, free from dust, salt deposits, chemical substances or other impurities. For ideal adhesion of the anti-corrosion coating with the surface of metal structures, the latter shall comply with cleanliness class Sa 2½ requirements (unless required otherwise in the project design) under LST EN ISO 12944-4 standard.

Industrial painting process


Industrial painting is performed by high pressure airless painting equipment. Primers and paint by well-known producers Teknos oy, Amercon, Novatic, Tikkurila Coatings Oy or International are used for coating of the metal surface. The output and spray angle depends on the type of nozzle of the spray gun. Replacement of nozzles allows painting structures of different sizes.

Benefits of industrial painting with airless sprayer:

  • the cheapest anti-corrosive method available for metal structures;
  • aesthetic finish of the coated metal surface;
  • resistance to adverse variations of environmental conditions;
  • uniform coating.