Metal section coping

Modern building structures are designed with the focus on efficiency provided by a variety of joints. Both welded and threaded solutions are applied. Standard section coping saws perform cuts at 90 to 60 degree angles, but more complex tasks are also possible and becoming increasingly frequent. FICEP RC1201 is a Cartesian robot designed specifically for section coping in a number of different ways. Each time prior to coping, sections are subject to precise measurement for possible deviations. The robot is capable of using automatic torch changer oxytorch to plasma torch or vice versa. This coping machine is capable of performing coping operations on all four planes, with simultaneous preparation of edges for welding at the desired angle. Coping is applied not only to section ends. We may also perform longitudinal cuts for production of higher beams with round, diamond, triangle shaped perforations, or even adjustable height beams. For metal structures designed by Tekla, Advance Steel or Solidworks applications, machine software prepares all coping tasks automatically without any additional programming.

Quality guarantee


Section coping is fully automated and subject to strict control for our clients to be 100 % confident of high quality service. The process is subject to regular control measurements. We ensure compliance with EN 1090-2 standard for execution of steel structures and aluminium structures.

Available specifications


All hot- or cold-formed sections and strips: width – max 1200 mm, height – max 600 mm.

  • Preparation of ± 45 angle welded joints.
  • ± 0.1 mm accuracy in all directions.