Automatic shot blasting

Automatic shot blasting is intended for metal structures of the length of max 1500 mm, height– 400 mm, width – 1400 mm. This is an effective cleaning and surface roughening method that uses X pellets (depending on the abrasive media) ensuring ideal removal of the remaining oil, impurities, corrosion formations, deposit after rolling, etc. from the metal and perfect conditions for anti-corrosive coating. SA-2.5 or higher class of cleanliness may be provided by this cleaning method.

Quality guarantee


Automatic shot blasting is subject to strict control under international requirements for our clients to be 100 % confident of high quality service. Our processes involving automatic cold blast machine comply with standard LST EN ISO 8501 Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. The standard specifies initial surface conditions, rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings.

Benefits of automatic shot blasting:

  • efficient and fast cleaning method;
  • applicable to all types of metal;
  • no resulting damage or deformation of the surface subjected to shot blasting;
  • 95 % and more contaminates are removed from the metal surface.